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How Knowing Your Skin Type Can Perfect Your Skincare Routine

August 02, 2020

How Knowing Your Skin Type Can Perfect Your Skincare Routine

It is likely you may have heard of a variety of ways that you can tailor your skincare routine to the type of skin that you have. Your skin is unique but it tends to fall under a certain profile. The most common skincare mistake that many people make is treating their skin the same way anyone else would.

What is your skin type?

The type of skin that you have usually comes down to genetics. Finding the right balance means making sure that you can find a natural balance within your skin where it breaks out less and can be softer and healthier. You need to work at finding your own solutions to keeping your skin clean, generating new skin cells and more.


Keeping that in mind, here are some of the main types of skin so that you can diagnose skin type and improve your skincare routine:

Oily skin

If you have skin which is extremely oily and that regularly has blackheads and whiteheads, you may discover that cleansing skin products can be one of the best items for improving your skin. Acne prone skin is often caused by extra dead skin cells, the overproduction of sebum and blockages in hair follicles.

Oily skin is often shiny and greasy and you may notice the look of visible pores. Your skin shines and this can affect your foundation and more. Working to reduce the overproduction of sebum is the main concern here. The good news is that antiaging creams may not be needed as your skin will age better in this form.

Dry skin

Dry skin can indicate you have smaller pores, you are likely to get eczema and dermatitis. Finding products which can produce the production of sebum and help the skin retain its natural elasticity can be important with dry skin.

Combination skin

If you have unique skin type that is dry in some parts and oily in the others, then the chances are that you have something called combination skin. Having combination skin can be a tricky situation to figure out, but you should always embrace your skin and find the secrets to properly caring for your skin. Fortunately, there is a lot of data out there to suggest how combination skin should be cared for. With our carefully selected skincare products, we have a skin care treatment plan that works well for combination skin and allows you to care for it.


Hopefully by now you have an idea on how identify your skin type. As your skin starts to age, you will want to protect it from the sun and do what you can to preserve it over time. Consider these types of skin and how you can identify and improve your own skincare while you are using products for your skin.

We always say that skincare is a journey - spend time on your self care ritual and your skin will love you back. If you need the most effective skincare products that fits all skin types (especially sensitive skin), make sure to check our The Friday Feels skincare range today.

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