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Building Your Skincare Routine ? Don't Forget These 4 Simple Tips

July 12, 2018

Building Your Skincare Routine ? Don't Forget These 4 Simple Tips

Yes, building a skin care routine can be a daunting practice. The products and techniques can overwhelm you at times. And even once you think you have it all figured out, the hard part has yet to come – consistency. Performing and sticking to a routine can be challenging day in and day out.

 We have all been there, so here are some essential tips to remember in your every day skincare routine: 

  • You heard it before, Water Is Life - Hydration on the inside is as important (if not more) as on the outside, & since everyone is always busy drinking water sometimes is the last of our concern. Well time to change that! Grab a water bottle fill it up with water & off you go, that’s the best way to monitor how much you’re drinking.It’s always a good idea to prevent dehydration since that can translate to skin that looks pale and shows more fine lines.  
  • Moisturise -Yes even if you have oily skin! There is huge misconception regarding how to deal with oily skin “But if my skin is already oily putting more oil on top can would make it more greasy right!?”Well it’s actually the opposite, oily skin points to a lack of hydration making it prone to produce more oil as a barrier to keep moisture in. You would be surprised how using the right formula moisturiser helps improve your skin condition.

  • SPF Baby -A little bit of sunshine can help with your Vitamin D, however don’t forget your sunscreen, your best friend out there! Not all good quality skincare products should cost an arm & a leg so pack that sunscreen in your bag next time and use it- Your skin will thank you later.
  • And finally let's not forget the power of the Facial Massage -A simple home facial massage can give you beautiful glowing skin as it helps with blood flow and oxygen. Simply apply some gentle circular motions around the face, or even better using a Crystal Face Roller , like our Rose Quartz Facial Roller to do the job for you. Roll it on the face upwards & it will give you feel more relaxed than ever.

    Friday Feels Rose Quartz Roller

We hope these tips help you as you are into your skincare journey, so go on - show your skin some Friday feels love!

 Marah From The Friday Feel Skincare Products 

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