Rise Of The Gua Sha - Natural Skincare Practice for Today's Diva

Rise Of The Gua Sha - Natural Skincare Practice for Today's Diva

July 27, 2018 1 Comment

Gua Sha Tool By The Friday Feels

Just Gua Sha It - What Exactly Is This New Beauty Trend?

The Gua Sha technique is a traditional therapy practise involving massaging a gemstone, typically the Rose Quartz, along the skin. Gua Sha can help tackle the core problem of aging that topical products cannot; it increases circulation thereby decreasing muscle tension and helps move the lymphatic fluid all this while giving a practically immediate lift and healthy glow.  

As this Gua Sha plate is massaged on the contour of the jaw, the skin layers are stimulated to decrease puffiness, endorse anti-aging, flush out tissues via lymphatic drainage and much more. Unlike the traditional Gua Sha, when the facial is done properly using a light hand technique with facial oil should leave no marks on the skin.    

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Skincare By The Friday Feels

The ergonomic design was hand carved to adjust to the shape and contours of the face used to perform a relaxing decongesting facial massage. This petite unique tool is for professional or at home use and makes an excellent addition to your beauty routine to help in making facial features appear more youthful and more importantly, well rested.    

Once you get into the habit of doing the massage technique then you start to do it instinctively. Not only is it incredibly relaxing to the skin but it also has a lot of benefits and the results are incredible. 

 So, in essence here are some of the Gua Sha benefits

  • Improves blood circulation and nourishment to the skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Reduces oedema and ease puffiness
  • Enhances the effectiveness of skin care products
  • Facial glow - as blood circulation is brought to the skin 
  • Natural face lift – Tones the facial muscles and evens the jaw-line 
  • Promotes collagen production 
  • Drains the sinus and ease allergy symptoms
  • Tightens pores and reduce scar tissue
  • Improves elasticity to tighten loose skin
  • Helps oxygenate the skin layer thereby cleansing and invigorating the epidermis.

We recognised the importance of the Gua Sha tool in today’s essential skincare routine and that’s why we are bringing it to you as part of The Friday Feels Rose Quartz Beauty Crystal Set. Together with the Rose Quartz Face Roller all in a luxuriously designed pack, these tools will make the perfect start in building up your skincare routine. 

 Rose Quartz Roller With Gua Sha Massage Crystal KitSimply put, by following the Gua Sha massage practice your skin will be spoilt as the tool adjusts to the contour of your face thereby achieving a relaxing facial massage, so you can feel confident in your own skin
Get your Rose Quartz Kit today shipped from Australia, and roll your way into a better skin.

Marah From The Friday Feel Skincare Products 

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September 09, 2018

Hi can I ask were about in Melbourne are you would like to purchase the rose quartz roller

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