Rose Quartz Facial Roller - Luxury Crystal Skincare Tool

The Friday Feels


Introducing the most unique tool for the skincare aficionado - The Rose Quartz Crystal Roller

Are you trying to overcome the signs of aging skin? Or maybe you just want a bit of tone, and a younger more radiant look? The Friday Feels roller might just be what you needed!

We have a mission - to simplify the skincare routine while making the experience enjoyable each time.

The choice of Rose Quartz crystal for our products was an easy one - It is the crystal of unconditional love and tranquility, every face roll session is a gentle reminder of the power of self-love.

The Friday Feels Roller

So why should you own this crystal skincare roller kit?

Simply put, the roller is the tool for putting the shine back on your skin. The roller's smooth surface does an excellent job at reducing wrinkles, toning skin and managing dark spots.

The rolling action promotes blood circulation and therefore collagen production, to give you that dewy glow complexion.

The Friday Feels Rose Quartz Roller

Enjoy the convenience of the unique double-sided design: a large stone perfect for massaging skin areas like the neck, back, arms, and legs, and a smaller stone for rolling on the face and under-eyes.

Simply pop the roller in the fridge each night and feel the coolness when you start your morning face roll.

Benefits of owning this unique crystal roller:

    • Say goodbye to wrinkles and puffiness - Use this time-tested beauty skin care tool to improve blood circulation, reduce tension and headaches. Simply include the roller in your morning routine and your face will thank you! 
    • The new daily skincare staple - the facial roller tool won't let your serum go to waste,with two heads working to ease the dark circles, clear pores and tone the face muscles after a long day.
    • Guaranteed customer satisfaction - Being an Australian owned company, the quality of our Rose Quartz pieces are guaranteed. This roller is much better than any jade roller you've seen - why? Because You only deserve the best, and that is why we are certain that you will love and keep it. 

Note: Each set is unique due to the gemstone's carved handmade nature, variations exists so no two pieces whether the roller or the gua sha are truly the same.

Being an Australian business, all our stock is located in in Australia. Once your order is confirmed, the Rose Quartz kit will be safely wrapped in protective secure wrapping and sent your way within the next business day. We pride ourselves with service and support and our Happy Humans are proof that we are doing it right, so buy from The Friday Feels with confidence.

Sounds convincing? Then what are you waiting for - Own your roller today and start your skincare journey.

Note: Final price includes GST and applicable taxes.