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Rose Quartz Gua Sha - Luxury Massage Tool

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  • A skincare essential tool that you will need to achieve healthy, dewy skin.
  • Natural treatment - Gua Sha tones the facial muscles and eases puffiness.
  • Gua Sha massage improves blood circulation and relaxes to your skin.

Simply spoil your skin with this natural handmade plate carved from 100% authentic Rose Quartz crystal. The Gua Sha adjusts to the contour of your face thereby giving you a relaxing facial massage, leaving you feeling confident in your own skin.

We are on a mission - to simplify the skincare routine while adding that weekend happiness to your ritual each time. 

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Skincare
  • Afterpay Ready
  • Australian Made

Powerful yet gentle ingredients – effective, skin-loving formulas tested to work well with sensitive skin, all part of being so meticulously focused on getting you the best results.

When we say no fluff, we mean it – With no irritants or unnecessary additives, our skincare products are free from fluff such as SLS/SLES, Parabens, Silicone, Petrochemicals, Artificial fragrances/colours/preservatives. 

The Friday Feels are all about YOU, lovelies – This platform would not exist without your love and support, and thus we will not rest till you are fully satisfied with your experience. This is all to thank you for letting us be part for your inner beauty journey. 

We celebrate our land – From the unique ingredients to the brand elements, our new skincare range will always be Australian made, and shipped to you Free within Australia.

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Natural face lift

Massaging with Gua Sha reduces facial oedema and evens the jaw-line to help relax your face after a long day.

Helps Lymphatic Drainage

The Gua Sha massage action works to firm and tone the facial muscles, promote lymphatic drainage and thus help relieve sinus pain and allergy symptoms.

Reduce Puffiness

Just like you, your skin wants a fresh start after each day or a long night. Use this time-tested skin care tool to improve blood circulation and collagen production, to ultimately helping reduce tension and headaches.

Improve Skin Elasticity

Couple the Gua Sha with the midnight glow face serum to help calm irritation and extra hydration. Simply include your Gua Sha and serum in your morning routine and your face will thank you!



Time-Tested Technique

A massage therapy originating from ancient China where it was used to relieve points of pain and clear toxins within the body. It could be best described as a natural alternative therapy that involves scraping the skin to increase circulation and decreasing muscle tension, as well as releasing trapped or stagnant lymphatic fluid thereby giving a practically immediate lift and healthy glow.

Making a Comeback

Gua Sha is quickly gaining popularity as a natural, simple facial skincare solution. This firm Gua Sha tool is used to massage around the jawline contour thereby helping achieve toned look. As the plate is massaged, the skin layers are stimulated to decrease puffiness, endorse anti-aging, flush out tissues via lymphatic drainage. The goal is a beautiful dewy skin with day to day use.


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How To Use

How To Use

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  • Easy To Use

    Simply massage your Gua Sha plate with the contour of your jaw - the skin layers are stimulated to decrease puffiness and flush out tissues via lymphatic drainage.

How To Use