Ciao Drama Facial Cleanser

The Friday Feels

Introducing an enchanting creamy cleanser that effectively removes daily pollutants, left-over oils and makeup all while rejuvenating the skin and maintaining its natural balance.

Just like you, your skin wants a fresh start after each day or a long night. Thus, our multi-action formula features a trio of supercharged active ingredients: Milk Thistle - an ancient herb which helps reduce redness and rosacea, plus Jacaranda & Elderflower which defend against inflammation all while soothing and hydrating the skin.

The selected elements work seamlessly to heal the skin all thanks to their combined rich nutrient and antioxidants properties. Experience a calming blend that is naturally scented with Jasmine, Chamomile & Patchouli.

  • Botanical super ingredients Jacaranda, Elderflower & Milk Thistle work together in harmony to purify and clean impurities, ultimately giving your complexion that soothing, youthful glow.
  • Gentle to your skin carefully selected ingredients without any harsh irritants makes The Friday Feels range suitable for all skin types especially sensitive, acne-prone, stressed and delicate skin.
  • Simplifying the daily routine Gently massage in circular motion onto damp skin, avoiding eye area, then rinse away with warm water. Suitable for layering with your favourite moisturiser or serum. Finish off with a sunscreen. When used daily, Ciao Drama softly removes impurities to reveal a clean, dewy skin.

No Fluff = No Foam & No Soap

Cleansing is a central step in any skincare ritual. The effective cleanser will remove residue, makeup and dirt from the surface of your skin without unsettling your skin’s natural oil barrier.

The problem is that foaming cleansers can remove too much from the skin, leaving your face feeling dry, stripped and tight. They can even affect your natural oil barrier, causing symptoms like acne, dehydration, and hypersensitivity.

Even with its milky texture and rich active ingredients, Ciao Drama Cleanser is surprisingly light without any greasy after-effect. This formula makes it perfect to be used daily for a clean, healthy-looking skin.

Ciao Drama Facial Cleanser - The Friday Feels

Ciao Drama Facial CleanserCiao Drama Facial CleanserCiao Drama Facial CleanserCiao Drama Facial Cleanser

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