About Us

Thank you for choosing The Friday Feels

The Friday Feels was born as a project of love and dedication to skincare coupled with an obsession with crystals.

The name choice doesn't need explanation but to us, Fridays are when we puts on our best dresses to look best. Fridays are when you let your hair down and ready to hit the town, or simply just pizza night then bathtub to treat yourself. You make your own Friday.

Our goal is: When you go through the whole experience, you can’t help but feel happy. 

Our first product release is the face roller and Gua Sha tool. A gift pack we designed here in Melbourne which we are really proud of, and we want you to be as proud too!

These skincare tools are made from the Rose Quartz crystal - the element of love, which has been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years to invigorate the skin. We trust that you will enjoy this skincare beauty set and it will be a permanent staple in your daily routine.

We cannot stress how much being based in Australia is an important part of our brand identity. As an Australian small business, we saw a gap in the skincare market where shoppers receive low quality products and no customer care. We are filling that gap and remain entirely dedicated to bring quality products, tied with unmatched service to each and every customer.

We want our service to be synonymous with our name, really good! so any lingering questions or concerns are dealt with promptly, and that’s our promise! Just contact us in the form below and we will be more than glad to help.

To put it simply, our aim when you chose us is for you have those happy feels. In the meantime enjoy and keep rolling!

Rose Quartz Face Roller Gua Sha - Organic Skincare By The Friday Feels

Natural Vegan Cruelty Free Skincare Product By The Friday Feels