Rose Quartz Love Heart

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Own these cute hearts of Rose Quartz, The crystal of love and compassion, and start your journey into mindfulness and self-love.

The Rose Quartz is a wonderful crystal celebrated for its ability to attract love and open hearts to new levels of forgiveness, kindness and compassion.

Here at The Friday Feels we truly emphasize spreading love with our products starting from self-love and expanding universally, thus It's a no brainer that we decided to share this love with you. 

Rose Quartz is said to strengthen all forms of love whether romantic, family and most importantly self-love. When feeling down with emotions, try placing a Rose Quartz heart on your chest, and visualise a shining pink light filling your heart, lifting all stress away. 

Known as the crystal of Venus - goddess of love and beauty, the Rose Quartz is a great starting point for the crystal curious as well as a perfect addition to the aficionado gemstone collection (like yours truly - they are essential pieces and I have them in every room in the house!).  

Tip: Add the Rose Quartz pieces to your bath to transform bath time into a healing ritual filled with love. Then place the crystals on your nightstand or under your mattress for healing and guidance while you sleep. The Rose Quartz will spread inspiration, healing and sparkles of joy wherever it is kept.

Each Small Heart is around 7mm in thickness, while the bigger hearts are 20mm in thickness - kindly refer to the pictures above for size comparison.

Note: Price is per one heart. Please note that due to the crystal nature some variations exist, so each heart is unique and no two pieces are truly the same.

Care: to keep the Rose Quartz's natural shine, avoid placing your crystal in direct sunlight.

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